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Web design and development is my passion. Since I first got connected to the Internet back in 1999 I have been designing and developing websites. Many trends in web design have come and gone over the last decade and I have made it my mission to keep up to date with the latest theories, fashions and techniques. I am constantly learning and refining my skills in what is a very fast paced and rapidly changing arena.


I would describe my core skills as:

I also have a basic knowledge and understanding of:

About Me

I am a web developer in south east England with a degree in Geography. What does web design have to do with Geography? Well not a lot really, unless you are considering the ways in which the internet has changed the geographies of business and communication in the 21st century...! I spend a lot of my spare time working on websites and improving my skills.

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Check out my work on the portfolio page or to get in touch, visit the contact page.

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